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In the path of Hurricane Dean.

I wanted to relay some news from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands from LJers effected by Dean. 

57classic from the Caymans reports:
"I have made it to Miami. . . I have an unbelievable sunburn from standing outside of the airport terminal. I am tired, dirty, and grateful for all of the people who helped me get where I am. . . My odyssey started at 11:30 a.m. It is now 11:30 p.m. I have met some incredible self-less people and have seen some incredibly boorish behavior. . . Many of the people working at the airlines had been there well past their shifts and they were working in truly trying circumstances, not the least of which was that oppressive heat. They were working hard to get everyone off the island that wanted to leave. Rumor had it that Cayman Airlines (the one I ended up flying on) had put on 30 extra flights. That is a lot of take-offs and landings and that is a lot of people. In all fairness, the passengers spent long hours waiting in the hot sun just to get inside to the queues to the ticket counters where they then spent long hours waiting in stifling heat to get that precious boarding pass that would allow them to wait yet again to go through security and then to wait one last time to board the plane.

Many travellers, like myself, were going to destinations that weren't exactly where they wanted to be, but were where they would be safe from the ravages of the storm. To all of those who made it to that place, hats off to you! May you sleep a little easier tonight. I know I will." 
earths_fury in Jamaica writes:

"Today dawned a bright beautiful summer day, no clouds in the sky and the sky itself... the bluest blue you can ever imagine. Caribbean blue indeed. But you know that a hurricane was coming. You can feel it in the oppressive heat that pressed down upon us, warning us of the danger that was coming toward us at a speed that petrifies even the most hardworthy sailors. It was a beautiful and dramatically uneventful day weather wise, the only other thing that heraled this category four hurricane was the beautiful red sunset that set Jamaica in an unearthly glow.

Right now, after listening to the news, we are told that JPS our power service company will be turning off light island wide in order to preserve their power plants, and from preventing power surges. I have no cable... well our cable company stated that they had to take down their satalites for their saftey...wouldn't want any renditions of hurricane gilbert, and the following song sung by  Loving Dear, "oonu si mi dish oonu si mi dish, oonu si mi satalite dish wha mi seh now!"

Traffic today was impossible, even though we left the house ridiculously early. I mean the traffic was really really bad. How would you feel being stuck at the foot of your hill, looking up at said trafficless hill, stuck in traffic that looks like bramble snarls? Sigh, another wasted hour of my life....

Sadly, and foolishly we have not battened down anything yet. Dad has gone to get stuff...that's what you get for having a totally business driven father... so I'm stuck with fill up the bathtubs duty, cause when there is no light, sadly there is no water. Curses living in the country hilltops. 

Weather channel....miraculously one of the channels that is still on, shows us the projected path of Hurricane dean. Yup, he certainly ain't changing course. So its like a bad head-on collision... but only thing is that we are being given time to prepare, collect and help ourselves before being faced with the worst. Who knows what will happen tomorrow when Dean makes landfall.... he'll probably be at category 5 strength by then....And you know what, through out all of this, I am surprisingly not worried. Yes I fret that this is going to kill off the whole of our tiny ass island,... but I have faith in God that everything is going to be okay. (and that dean don't wash wi all into the sea...)

Now I must go, as I have to be using tape to make sure that if and when debris starts flying, our windows, half of the house is windows..dangit.. doesn't shatter. *sigh* Why did dean have to come this way???? Only god know that answer. "

 Her friend

chelsae_mari  will also be riding out the storm in Jamaica, as will  hetairai, who managed to find plywood today at E&R Hardware in Passage Fort, Jamaica... just in case anyone else out there needs some.  hetairai also posted some pictures from today, which show the clouds starting to come in.


erinx_x in the Caymans is also riding out Dean, though this model predicts max winds of up to 173kts when it hits the Caymans! She'll be praying, she says. 

Lots of praying going on. Couldn't hurt... it's worled before. Let's hope faith can move mountains AND hurricanes. Expect more updates and detailed weather information in  hurricanedean as things evolve. 



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